Monday, March 19, 2007

Statement of Purpose for Commercial

1. What is the purpose of your video idea?- To sell the Head On product
2. Who is the audience of your video?- Everyone, because everyone get’s headaches. This commercial will relate more to young people, however.
3. What will you be “arguing” in your video?- That you should buy head on.
4. How are you going to arrange the “elements” (remember the story boards) of your video?
5. Where will your video be “staged” (filmed)- In the computer lab of the Warsaw Center
6. What special props do you need?- a stick of head on, a stick of glue, and a backback
7. Who will be in it? How will you convince them to be in it? I think either me or my partner will be the main character, all we need are some people in the back ground and it will probably be people from our class so it shouldn’t be a big problem.
Now write a more specific and formal statement of purpose similar to the one on p. 77 (coming soon)